50km “as the crow flies” vs. as I walk

I want to walk a distance of 50 km. So I started to draw a circle on the map with a 50km radius. At first I just imagined walking to an attractive place, so I plotted the walk using a walking nav app. Immediately I realized there was quite a gap between the 50km circle and the 50km walk. Intrigued I plotted as many places as needed to get an idea of how far or close a 50km walk would bring me from my home. The max distance would be 5km short of the 50km circle, not bad at all (Nieuwegein) The least far(!) walk is Middelharnis, just about 25km as the crow flies and still 50km walking distance.
So Middelharnis will be the same effort as Nieuwegein but only about half the distance. My choice is clear, I want the walk to be as efficient as possible, so Nieuwegein it is :-/