Hi, this is me, Olivier Scheffer, aka base80 (beestachtig) aka Wildsnoeier. I studied Monumental Art, Urban (elements) Design, worked at West8 as a small scale urban designer and urban elements designer, I worked at Kuiper Compagnons in the same disciplines, I had my own urban furniture design office for ten years, Roerend Ontwerp and I left my traces on Google maps and Street-view.
I moved along and went to become a 3d animation guru and ran base80.com a Cinema4D tutorial site, wrote articles and tutorials for 3dAttack, was moderator on many Cinema4d forums, was Op on my specialised IRC chan… I worked for many agencies all over the world, laid down the basics of what is now called motion-graphics, I even invented the wheel πŸ™‚
In 2008 I was invited to do very large scale projections on monumental buildings for a French team, Les Petits Francais,Β we set the standard for super high-end digital large scale projections, the team used to be expert in Son et LumiereΒ and optical shows and I helped them to digitise that analog expertise.Β I did shows all over the world and worked my ass off.
As of 2015 I stopped working with computers because of an accident with my arm and I started co-organising art and design exhibition and I started developing my own art practice. In 2018 I started walking and talking and I walked all the way to Altenburg in the east of Germany, 615 km. I really enjoyed the walk and I loved to talk, tell stories and explain my findings on Facebook. I built an audience and walked all the way from Helsinki towards Thessaloniki in 2019, 2100 km, 77 days, 50 video’s and 35000 photos…
Also in 2018 I started to cut hedges, as the Wildsnoeier, I would do the job of municipalities but with more flair and a lot more fun.

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