Growing Handles

My little spade’s handle broke off, it was made of cheap plastics, so I thought of fixing it to one of my catapult weapon-wood sticks. Then I remembered the idea of Maurice Meewisse to ask a tree to make hammer handles. So I copied the idea and fixed the spade in a hedge (Liguster). Now the…

Sticks that could become useful.

A growing collection of sticks that could become useful, mostly Y-shaped as that is the best shape to be catapulted in becoming a weapon. The collection should include weapon-shaped wood and then tool-shaped wood and a section of idiotically shaped wood. That last category is the most likely one to be named art.  


After the big tree in our garde got removed I cut a bunch of catapults out of the branches. I gave them away to the kids ta could see the tree from their houses.