Het Park

A present to Wim Pijbes, a water colour painting from the series: ‘if plants could talk’ illustrating a non existing part of Het Park. I dropped it in his letterbox in the hope he finds it. Cadeautje aan Wim Pijbes, ‘s nachts in de brievenbus van Droom en Daad gestopt, ik hoop dat hij hem…

Crate Garden

I am planning a 100+ m² garden on a roof on a place that is not available as of yet. So what if I ask all my friends to donate or create a Crate-Garden so that when I have the place I can immediately populate it with garden pieces.

30×30 Garden

In the Netherlands the sidewalk pavement is called 30/30 because of its size, it is universal, everybody knows this 🙂 The plan is to go and take 30/30cm pieces of nature and place them in my sidewalk.

Vitamine K

I broke my arm a few years ago and it took a while before I got it repaired, I became depressed from waiting for the operation.To save myself from a tiresome depression I asked all my friends on facebook to help me with Vitamine K (Kunst-Art).The response was overwhelming, our house filled up with art…

Walking in Circles

Idea for the winter: Walking in Circles and having a gps-track as a visual result. It is like walking like a goat attached to a rope to a pole in a complexly shaped garden but then without a goat, pole, rope or garden.You know in movies when one says: “Secure the Perimeter” or “Establish a…

DePot Boijmans

I have a dream! The Reversed Hedge Trimming Project. In the period the museum is closing for renovation I would like to shape one of the hedges to look like the DePot. And you should seriously consider using your hedge for Hedgevertising! (speak out loud when you have a cold)