The incredible complexity of things

UItstalling in de 18 vitrines van B.a.d – 28 maart – 8 mei 2022

“Olivier Scheffer is engaged in what he calls the ‘archaeology of the Anthropocene’. He investigates how the present is betrayed by the waste we produce. He shows that a single person cannot achieve anything and that you need a whole society. This aphorism also applies to the objects he finds.

He piles up what he finds and turns it into new things. When he disassembles the found objects, he questions himself about the incredible complexity of things. He notes that it has taken more than a hundred people to manufacture and assemble a product, another thousand to manufacture the parts, and another thousand to mine the raw materials. In the end, you need the whole of society to make relatively simple things. We all make ‘it’, but on his own, he takes ‘it’ apart in a second and then there is almost nothing left to reuse. From an old iPhone, only the battery can be used. Connected to a motor, it ends up in the window displays at Foundation B.a.d.”