Helmets and Silly Hats

Helmets and Silly Hats

In my family we have a long tradition of putting silly things on our heads acting as a hat. This could be a cardboard box of a piece of plastic, whatever, as long as it has the sculptural qualities of a silly hat. My mother, her aunt or myself would spontaneously invent a character to interpret the identity of the hat.

Silly hats search in Google Photo app 🙂

My series of helmets carry this silly quality and carries on a tradition.

Helmets on the other hand are used as protection in a harmful environment, this is no laughing matter. But adding objects to these helmets completely changes the supposed harmfulness of that environment or it changes the supposed environment the helmet is made for altogether. 

First time they were all shown together was during South Explorer Rotterdam at ‘We are all Guests” in the hall of B.a.d

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