Vitamine K

Vitamine K

I broke my arm a few years ago and it took a while before I got it repaired, I became depressed from waiting for the operation.
To save myself from a tiresome depression I asked all my friends on facebook to help me with Vitamine K (Kunst-Art).
The response was overwhelming, our house filled up with art everywhere, from people I know, from people everybody knows and from people I don’t know at all.
The Vitamine K worked fantastically it reversed my depression totally and proved once again one of the basic function of art in general, it is drugs.

Long story short, one of the works I got that day was this one from Jeroen Jongeleen:

So now, years later, I want to thank him and all the other people who helped me.
Thank you all!

🙁 Check out his site to see what else I want to copy.

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