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Paris Rotterdam a 3 day walk

When walking in Paris one walks a lot, leaving the apartment, visiting A, B and C, eating, … and eventually getting back home.
At the end of the trip one feels exhausted and what I do is check my distances on my phone, in my case it is about 15 km a day. Not that much actually but still exhausted at the end of the day.

This is my three days walk in winter 2017

Check out what happens when you paste the trails on a city you know well, in my case my home town Rotterdam:

Those seemingly long walks look ridiculous don’t they?
The feeling of distance is strongly influenced by stimulus, the more stimulus the longer the meter.


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Paris – Rotterdam

Paris Quatres Ports
First a simple side-by-side comparison of Rotterdam and Paris

Notice the huge difference in density and notice the two cities similarity in size.
Watch what happens when you swap a part of both cities:

Finally here is Île SaintLouis in the Seine in Paris at the same angle and size as the Radio Pier (Radiostraat) in the Merwehaven in Rotterdam.

I created the images as part of an online discussion about what to do with this part of the city and the apparent disinterest of city gouvernement in creating a comprehensive urban plan.
Showing the scale of this area compared to that of another city triggers a line of thought, by comparing it to Paris the value of the area changes completely.

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