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I am base80, I used to be super famous for my Cinema 4d tutorial site, yep same me. I have almost completely stopped doing 3d-modeling and animation but hey, what I do now is kind of the same :-) Modeling shrubs and making GIFs and being fascinated by scale, dimension and shape.

Ivy Wall

This is the first of a series of Ivy Wall Clip Art.
It is a test to see how the hole will grow back, will it be light-green and hollow, will it stay visible for a while…
It also tests the resolution of ivy, the DPI or should I say Leaves per Foot, what is the smallest possible detail. First conclusion is that a dot should be at least 10 x 10 cm but a line can be thinner. By the way no branches have been cut, it is a mere removal of leaves.

If the results are fine (little green cushion) I have plenty of work in Rotterdam (Oude Westen)


Ik had toestemming gekregen van de bovenburen, desalniettemin gingen andere buren zich ermee bemoeien. “Vindt Michele dat wel goed? Ze is erg op haar privacy gesteld” Voor ik klaar was ben ik maar weggelopen, zonder op te ruimen, om geen trammelant te krijgen. Het lijkt bijna een appeltje.

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