•  I have walked the walk, in total the journey was 614 km long, the deviation to the north or south was +/- 7km (total 14.4km) total elevation 6573 meter, highest point 633 meter. It took me 19 days, 18 nights, one slept outside all the others in hostel, hotels, and bed & breakfast. The

  • Please sponsor me for my walk on the 51st Latitude from Sittard to Altenburg (see original post) NL73 INGB 0008 0790 00 530 kilometer in 21 dagen (deel dit!) Ik heb in de 100 dagen (!!!) dat ik niet meer rook meer dan 1000 kilometer gelopen, in-en-om Rotterdam. Ik had al in Italië of Polen

  • I am going to walk to the opening of Ipihan#8 on the 51 parallel north (Lat51). I will start on the left bank of the Meuse near Sittard and walk towards the East for 21 days, approximately 25 km/day. I will walk as close to the lat 51 as is practical without making an obsession out

  • When walking in Paris one walks a lot, leaving the apartment, visiting A, B and C, eating, … and eventually getting back home. At the end of the trip one feels exhausted and what I do is check my distances on my phone, in my case it is about 15 km a day. Not that

  • Paris Quatres Ports First a simple side-by-side comparison of Rotterdam and Paris Notice the huge difference in density and notice the two cities similarity in size. Watch what happens when you swap a part of both cities: Finally here is Île Saint-Louis in the Seine in Paris at the same angle and size as the Radio

  • I broke my arm a few years ago and it took a while before I got it repaired, I became depressed from waiting for the operation. To save myself from a tiresome depression I asked all my friends on facebook to help me with Vitamine K (Kunst-Art). The response was overwhelming, our house filled up

  • My little spade’s handle broke off, it was made of cheap plastics, so I thought os fixing it to one of my catapult weapon-wood sticks. Then I remembered the idea of Maurice Meewisse to ask a tree to make hammer handles. So I copied the idea and fixed the spade in a hedge (Liguster). Now the

  • Idea for the winter: Walking in Circles and having a gps-track as a visual result. It is like walking like a goat attached to a rope to a pole in a complexly shaped garden but then without a goat, pole, rope or garden.You know in movies when one says: “Secure the Perimeter” or “Establish a

  • A growing collection of sticks that could become useful, mostly Y-shaped as that is the best shape to be catapulted in becoming a weapon. The collection should include weapon-shaped wood and then tool-shaped wood and a section of idiotically shaped wood. That last category is the most likely one to be named art.  

  • After the big tree in our garde got removed I cut a bunch of catapults out of the branches. I gave them away to the kids ta could see the tree from their houses.

  • We found this wal in an exhibition, just above the name of an artist but it was not his work but just a part of the building.  

  • Two carpets wanting to be concrete sidewalks 🙂 (found by Gemma, Judy, Kuin and me)

  • I have a dream! The Reversed Hedge Trimming Project. In the period the museum is closing for renovation I would like to shape one of the hedges to look like the DePot. And you should seriously consider using your hedge for Hedgevertising! (speak out loud when you have a cold)  

  • Portable foldable Round Square Meter

  • Ivo & Nicole Silhouette Hedge according to their logo

  • 3d printing is so fashionable, I want a 3d hedge trimmer 🙂

  • blaadjes wegplukken Ø112.8cm

  • Ø 1.12837916709551 meter


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